BLAH BLAH Studio is an agency, which uses the power of storytelling, dialog and recommendation to help brands connect with audiences intellectually and emotionally. The studio uses traditional and social media to deliver campaigns that empower, engage and persuade.

Events & Meetings

The Studio specializes in developing and implementing events that bring your brand, the public and the media together to deliver unforgettable consumer experiences. BLAH BLAH Studio provides its clients with the very best in full customize service event production services, from photography and video, musical entertainment division, lighting designers, audio/visual services and decor.

Integrated PR Campaigns

Today what matters most is the power of a big campaign idea. BLAH BLAH Studio prepares every campaign with deep audience research to identify the right mix of traditional social and digital media channels and influencers.

Media relations

BLAH BLAH Studio has cultivated professional relationships with journalists and publishers over the years. We get to know them so we know what stories they are or aren't interested in covering, then match up your news with their publishing needs to earn home runs that benefit you and the media.

Naming and visual brand identity

Integral to verbal identity systems is a clear naming architecture that will sustain powerful and memorable names. By bringing together insights, rational research, and strategy into tone of voice, the Studio creates names that carry brands to audiences in the simplest, most effective manner.

Magdalena Czajkowska

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